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About Sitsabo

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Sitsabo Project Managers is principally concerned with determining the mechanisms by which a construction project may be brought about. This process involves the conversion of our clients’ ideas, desires and needs into an expression of tangible market demand - through the realisation of the clients’ needs into a project design and the effective conversion of that design into a completed project ready for occupation and/or use.

We emphasise the need to consider and further promote the integration of social considerations into public procurement in the best way possible and in this way contribute to sustainable development a concept that combines economic growth, social progress and respect for the environment.

The client’s needs in terms of time, cost and quality of completed work are paramount to our business and we are conscious of the fact that meeting these requirements goes beyond just the selection of mechanistic methods of project delivery. Innovative project management systems, construction processes, productivity analysis and SHEQ management structures have been devised to ensure effective project delivery.

In our philosophy, client’s needs are essential and should always be satisfied as far as practically and reasonably possible. The integrated procurement methods that we use provide a single point of responsibility for the client. As a professional project management consultancy, we take full responsibility for each project on behalf of the client. We steer projects across discipline boundaries, from inception through design and construction to final delivery of the constructed facility.

The company considers in high regard the industry’s greatest input and the relationships that exist between human labour inputs, their organisation, the economy and the general environment within which construction exists.

The practical outworking of Sitsabo Project Managers is to approach business from a higher plane, with the result of releasing the authority, wisdom and power of God through Jesus Christ into the operation of the marketplaces in which we operate. It is anticipated that the company will be listed in the Johannesburg Stocks Exchange in due course. It is envisaged that this will strengthen external relationships and also ensure the empowerment of local construction professionals.


To be an international role player in the construction industry guided by integrity, ethics and sound corporate governance in all our dealings and to ensure the long-term sustainability of the business and the environment in which we operate.

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