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Sitsabo Project Managers is a unique consultancy firm principally orientated towards co-ordinating and managing the design and construction processes.

The company provides a flexible management structure with a fast response rate and an innovative approach to project management.

Acquisitions, take-overs, mergers and joint venture partnering are the most dominant strategies that the company is gradually employing in order to reach its full capacity as an international role player in the construction industry.

For managerial effectiveness, the company has been subdivided into three divisions. Necessary changes in the structure and operating procedures of the business in response to strategic changes will be introduced over a much longer time scale with less disruption to existing operations.

Key Services Offered

Architectural Design

The function of this department is to provide the expertise needed in developing projects from enquiry through design, to technical and contract documentation. Key functions of this department include:

Construction Project Management

This department is primarily concerned with the supply of advice to clients on all aspects of the firm’s business from procurement to final delivery. It is also concerned with site production management and control of all building contracts. Major functions of this department include:

Construction Engineering

This department is mainly concerned with site production management and control of all building and civil engineering contracts. Major functions of this department include:

Construction Industry Training

In response to construction industry demands for training, Sitsabo Project Managers cc has devised a set of short courses, which are priced to suit the budget of an industry in distress.

The courses are designed to enable construction industry managers to operate more efficiently and effectively, and benefits from close links that have been forged with leading companies and organisations. These have ensured that the courses remain relevant and reflect rapidly changing developments and demands.

Sitsabo Project Managers cc is committed to improving the training and development programmes to ensure the required skills and resources are provided.

Our training and development programmes seek to create a climate of strategic thinking in which managers in individual organisations can exercise their judgement on the broader organisational aspects of their businesses.

The courses can be offered at any venue in the world on weekdays or weekends and the content can be structured to suit the requirements of the client. The courses are attracting a number of delegates and many have been sponsored by their employers.

The courses embody contemporary technologies in the construction industry, presented in a manner that makes them easy to assimilate knowledge in a relaxed and friendly environment.

A Certificate of Attendance is awarded on completion of each course.

Courses offered:

  1. Site Management
  2. Quality Management in Construction
  3. Construction Management in Practice
  4. SHE Management in Construction
  5. Project Management
  6. Project Budgeting and Pricing
  7. Pre-Contract Management
  8. Contract Law
  9. Human Resource Management in Construction