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Sitsabo Project Managers Headline Sponsor of ANC Progressive Business Forum in London

11 October 2011

Sitsabo Project Managers (SPM) is pleased to have had the opportunity of being the Headline sponsor of the ANC Progressive Business Forum networking event held in London on 2011-10-11. The company’s commitment to supporting such initiatives is borne from the belief that the public sector alone cannot achieve the objective of a better life for all South Africans. The private sector has a significant role to play in this agenda. It is SPM’s view that interacting with UK-based firms and finance institutions is key to attracting much needed foreign capital and expertise.

The ANC Treasurer General Dr Mathew Phosa, in our engagements with him as the captain of the PBF, has repeatedly emphasised the need for improved value for money and better quality in the roll-out process of infrastructure development projects. SPM, as a multi-disciplinary firm in infrastructure development seeks to place community needs at the centre of all its activities. It is SPM’s view that strategic partnerships with multifaceted UK firms in various disciplines with tried and tested delivery mechanisms will go a long way in stimulating economic growth and accelerating skills transfer in South Africa.

Our group is equipped with resources to spearhead projects from conception through design to construction. Dedicated engineers who oversee projects on site also get engaged on projects at design phase, to advise the designers on the constructability of projects. This yields paramount savings in time and money, and also enhances the quality of completed work.

Our company continually and explicitly places emphasis on adequate achievement of value-for-money, not lowest cost. The gradual shift away from competitive procurement methods towards more selective and integrated approaches is gaining ground in infrastructure development across the globe. This trend indicates that even greater integration will be achieved in the future as the industry strives to produce value-for-money in contrast to achieving lowest capital costs.