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Success Philosophy

Deep within each of us there is an inner longing to live a life of greatness and contribution. This conviction has influenced me to make a decisive determination in my life to work hard, making every sacrifice necessary, studying, learning, putting in every effort to make this a concentrated focus of my life.

The ambition to really matter and make a difference in my sphere of control translated to the company motto, "Making a difference in Architecture, Engineering and Construction". The work and success of Sitsabo Project Managers bears testimony to this ideology.

Life has taught me that success comes at a price. It has to be paid for dearly and only acquired with much patience and great effort. My conscience has taught me that ends and means are inseparable, that ends actually pre-exist in the means. The means I employ to accomplish the ends are as important to me as the ends. Allowing my life to be guided by my conscience strengthens my integrity and assures peace of mind. I believe it is better to displease people by doing what you know is right, than to temporarily please them by doing what you know is wrong.

My professional life embody the essence of becoming a balanced, integrated, powerful person and creating a complimentary team based on mutual respect. I recognise that we are responsible for our own choices in life and have the freedom to choose based on principles and values rather than on moods or conditions.

I identify and commit myself to courses, relationships and purpose that matter most to me. I organise and execute all my duties around my most important priorities. Irrespective of the circumstances I may find myself in, I live my life on the premise of the principles I value most, not by the urgent agendas and forces surrounding me.

I conduct my business activities with a frame of mind and heart that seeks mutual benefit and mutual respect in all interactions. I always try to achieve a balance between consideration and courage, which yields effective communication and relationship building.

I respect, value and even celebrate differences that I might have with other people. My work teams are organised synergistically so that the strengths of some compensate for the weakness of others. This creates cooperation as individual weaknesses become irrelevant.

I believe it is important for one to consistently increase competency in the four basic areas of life: Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit. This entails renewing one’s personal integrity and security, as well as renewing the spirit and character of the complimentary team.

I believe the essence of good business is the quality of the relationship between customer and supplier. In the case of Sitsabo Project Managers, we sell solutions to our clients’ problems. To be able to really solve the problems in a unique manner requires us to deeply understand our clients’ needs. We pay the price to know what matters most to these people so that we can plan strategically in a meaningful way.

I am convinced that success is not beyond our reach, that we can be what we wish to be, that money, fame, recognition and happiness can be acquired by all who are ready and determined to have these blessings. Success comes to those who become success-conscious.

Before we can achieve success and accumulate riches in great abundance, we must magnetise our minds with intense desire for success, that we must become success-conscious until the desire for success drives us to create definite plans for achieving it. I believe somewhere in our make-up lies sleeping the seed of success. If aroused and put into action, this would carry us to heights such as we may never have hoped to attain.

By: Dr Sitsabo Dlamini